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Make the best of every light condition with great optics and less fogging. AKSIUM PHOTOCHROMIC's tested and proven frame design, OTG compatibility, and a new photochromic lens that adjusts to varying light help this goggle deliver tons of value. 


Automatic light adjustment

The new photochromic lens adjusts to changing light conditions, so you always have the right lens.


Wide field of vision

Minimalist frame and modern goggle design ensures a wide field of vision 


Instant fit 

Carefully selected foams make the goggle so comfortable from the initial try-on, you’ll want to wear them out of the store! 



Filtration colour:  Dynamic

Weather condition: All Weather

VLT: 18% TO 60%

CAT: S1-3


Photochromic Technology

Responds to changing light conditions by dynamically adjusting the level of lens tint from lighter to darker


Wide vision

Optimal viewing experience thanks to low-profile frame construction


Airflow system

Offers maximum airflow, bringing fresh air into the goggle while pulling moisture out


Double layer face foam

Soft and comfy PU foam with velvet layering for great skin contact


Silicone backed strap

Smooth & secure grip on the helmet


Dual-slide buckle adjustment

Quick length strap adjustment


Helmet compatible

Perfect fit integration and airflow circulation with helmets


Microfiber goggle bag

Store your goggle in and experience the microfiber fabric to properly clean your lens

Salomon Aksium Photochromic Mens Goggle

Colour: White
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