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  • How long does it take to get ski boots fitted?
    Normally it takes at least one hour but can take up to two. Adding custom insoles and boot adjustments can add more time to the fitting process.
  • Is there anything I need to bring or wear on the day?
    We ask that you wear loose fitting trousers or tracksuit bottoms as so to make the boot fitting process easier. Socks can be provided free of charge during the fitting process. If you prefer to bring your own socks please do as then we can advise if they are suitable for your own ski boots. Socks are also available to purchase in store. During the current COVID-19 pandemic we ask if you bring your own socks as we cannot provide pairs during this time.
  • Do I need to book an appointment?
    Normally if it is during Monday to Thursday then no appointment is neccessary. Please bare in mind it can take up to two hours. If there is more than one person to be fitted for boots please call us on 02891873590 so we can double check our boot fitter's availability. For fitting between Friday and Sunday please call on 02891873590 before to make an appointment.
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