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Bulldog Bodyboard Backpack Bag, superb sturdy canvas bag designed for carrying your bodyboard backpack with ease. We've stocked the Bulldog Body Board bags for years and they're always extremely popular and great for carrying boards to and from the beach.


Versatile roomy Body Board Bag officially can accommodate 3 adult bodyboards, each up to approx 42ins. We've also successfully put a 45in Adult body board and 2 x 42ins adult boards and a Junior 33in board with ease.


Makes carrying your bodyboards a whole lot easier/convenient as carrying up to 4 boards can be surprisingly weighty.  Will potentially hold a lot of your beach gear but don't over load it - ie it won't take the kitchen sink as well ! The Bulldog Bodyboard bags are sturdy and well made bag but there are limits !

Bulldog Bodyboard Bag


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