The C-Skins Legend 4mm/3mm GBS Chest Zip Wetsuit rocks up with many of the features we see in the brand's higher-end wetsuits, without the price tag to match. Xtend neoprene gives you warmth, with thinner panelling of Free Flex where you need the most freedom of movement. As with all C-Skins suits, the Legend series features True Thickness, so you're sure to get just the amount of warmth you're expecting.


Flexibility and warmth in a oner

C-Skins combine two of their neoprenes in the Legend 4/3 steamer. Warmer Xtend neoprene insulates your core, whilst Free Flex neoprene in key areas allows you to paddle with all your might as you master the wave. For extra warmth where you need it most, Antifreeze Poly around your chest and back helps maintain your temperature.


Seal the deal

Chest Zip closure in the Legend means your entry system isn't going to affect your paddling - it also features Iris closure and a Superseal Glideskin collar that locks you in whilst keeping water out. For durability, the GBS seams are reinforced in high-stress areas, and there are no seams at all where you need most flexibility to paddle.

A non-restrictive cold surf solution - the Legend 4/3 GBS Chest Zip Wetsuit from C-Skins.

C-Skins Legend 4:3mm GBS Chest Zip Mens Wetsuit

Colour: Black/InkBlue/Lime
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